The Kickstarter campaign for The Cow Game is probably the biggest concentration of cow puns ever in a crowd-funding page. If that’s not a reason to back it then nothing else is. However, if you still need more convincing The Cow Game is a promising arcade-like title. It has an open approach to play styles, giving you control over an avenging space cow in nearly every format imaginable. Designed levels and campaigns are present, along with a story mode, endless levels, and challenge levels. All of this is available for single players, co-op, and in some cases in vs multiplayer.

The plot of The Cow Game is lightweight but one of its most notable features. The glossy video advertising the campaign features a space cow overseeing the activities of earth-based cows. A space cow viewing images of the earth is shocked and disturbed at our treatment of the animals. Then he gets mad. In the game itself, it seems a different cow-related catastrophe has forced the cows into action. (The campaign terms this a cowastrophe, the sort of puns the game will likely be brimmed with)

The Cow Game The cow base on the moon has recalled all cows on Earth. It’s probably best to just go with these leaps in logic and enjoy it for what it is. You must rescue all of the cows from the earth and transport them safely back to your lunar base. If you’re a fan of surrealist humour, arcade co-op fun, casual indie games, or just really into cows, then The Cow Game might be for you.

The Cow Game’s Various Ways to Play

The main play style of The Cow Game is the arcade mode. You progress through an endless run of enemies and puzzles to rescue as many cows as possible. The levels will be divided by the different themes. The themes currently announced are pretty varied, with “The Wild West” being playable alongside “Russia”. Russia looks to be the whole of the Russian Federation condescended into one unfriendly-to-cows Winterland. “The New York City” is another, which we’re going to chose to believe is a stylistic choice. It is mirroring a cow’s limited understanding of the world. Maybe they’ve always admired and idolised the Big Apple from their rural farm/moon background, elevating it in their minds into the definitive article. It could also be a small grammar mistake but that’s not as fun.

The Cow Game

This mode is playable in co-op or regular single player. The scoring system in the game will really bring back arcade leader board memories. Alternatively, if you’re way too young or way too not-American to remember that, it’ll bring back memories of early Simpsons and that second season of Stranger Things. These leaderboards are also used for weekly and daily challenges. All of this should give The Cow Game strong replayability for those who want to challenge themselves against the rest of the cow-loving public.

A story mode is also in development. It’s possible that the final game won’t centre as heavily on Veganism as the reveal trailer, but it’s a good barometer of the strong humour at work in The Cow Game. If the final game can keep this up, the story mode should be a joy to complete. Like the other play styles, this will be accessible as co-op play as well as single player.

Be The Best Space Cow You Can Be

The Cow Game is set to include some other quality of life features to further entice potential backers. Your player cow is customisable; in case the standard space cow didn’t feel quite enough like you. Of course, there is a cowshed (cow house) for your rescued animals to take shelter in, where else would a cow live? This can be decorated with themed skins and items from the various levels. It’s a nice added feature that won’t appeal to everyone, but certain segments of the play base may find themselves losing hours to this element. These sheds can be visited by other players and friends, so you can show off the creativity you’ve put into providing a safe haven for your interplanetary bovine refugees.

The Cow Game

The Cow Game is looking to release across pretty much every major platform as long as it hits its funding goals. At the lowest level of funding, a PC version will be released as both an app and a web-based game. PS4, Xbox One and Switch are also planned, followed by mobile devices and even Apple TV. The Cow Game is aiming to enter an Alpha phase with a game playable to backers in late 2019, followed in mid-2020 for the finished product. If you’re looking to play more indie games this year and adore cows, this is the campaign for you. Take a look if you don’t adore cows, maybe The Cow Game will open your eyes to these creatures.

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