Airdorf, creator of retro-style horror game series FAITH, has released an game adaptation of The Wind. The Wind is a 2018 horror film and the directorial début of Emma Tammi. It will be released to the wider public this coming April, but the game is already available.

The Wind takes place in the plains of the American west in the late 1800s. Lizzy, a plainswoman, finds her home haunted by supernatural threats and the never-ceasing winds. Isolated, she has to face horrors that slowly drive her mad.

The game roughly follows the film’s plot, without going into too much detail, and plays out over a series of days. Each day, Lizzy has to face a new life-or-death challenge, be its wolves, ghosts, or other threats. Sometimes she can rely on her trusty shotgun, othertimes she simply has to run.

You are all alone.

The Wind utilizes the same engine and pseudo-8-bit graphics as the FAITH games. The bright colors against the black background are simple, but effective. It’s a refreshing departure from brown graphics with poor lighting.

Where this little game truly shines is its atmosphere and music. The soundtrack is nothing short of anxiety-inducing. It conveys a feeling of isolation with constant threats lingering in the background. To make things worse, the game lets you know who is still alive at the start of each day.

The Wind is not a particularly long game, but its mix of simple controls, plain visual style, and eerie atmosphere synergize well. For the price of free, there is little reason not to give it a go.

The Wind is available for Windows via

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