Furwind is getting a physical release for both PlayStation 4 and ever-indie-friendly PlayStation Vita.

Furwind is an action platformer starring a cute fox who must save their homeland. This unwitting fox from Moontail is going up against an ancient darkness. The game features retro-inspired pixel art, large bosses, and good challenge.

This adorable titular fox can emote well for a pixel art character and boy do they love to fall. The protagonist is certainly what makes Furwind stand out. Their animations are simply a joy to witness.

The game also carves a small niche for itself by having am unusual chapter layout. The levels themselves are not 100% linear and encourage exploration. There are pages to find within the levels to find, and they each unlock another level. Therefore, the chapter also isn’t linear.

Between the animation and mini slices of Metroidvania, Furwind is worth keeping an eye on. Console and handheld owners should be on the lookout for it this summer.

Physical Furry Friend

Previously, the game came to Steam in October of last year. This summer it will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and the Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation versions of the game will also be receiving limited physical runs.

The Furwind Limited Edition will contain more than just the game on disc or cartridge. Also included in this package is a full-color printed manual, an original soundtrack CD, and a numbered collector’s certificate. The whole thing comes inside a nice collector’s box. The Vita version will have 1,500 copies available for purchase while the PS4 will only have 1,000.


Furwind was originally developed by Boomfire Games, with this console port being handled by JanduSoft. JanduSoft has previously published multiplatform titles Caveman Warriors and Neonwall.

Limited physical copies won’t be the only way to pick up this indie game during summer. Eastasiasoft will be publishing the game digitally in Asia and Japan regions. Meanwhile, Jandusoft will take care of the US and Europe. There are more details about the digital versions yet to come.

The physical limited edition of Furwind are available for pre-order since April 11, 2019. It can be pre-ordered exclusively at PlayAsia for 34.99 USD and will include free international shipping.