Eon Altar is a multiplayer turn based fantasy RPG.  Big whoop right?  Take a look at this :


That’s right.  Your mobile phones are essentially your character sheets, and the tablet in the middle is the central game screen everyone interacts with.  It’s a tabletop game for anyone that’s not too poor to enjoy such a technological wonder.  Really, why aren’t all pen and paper RPGs going this way?  It would dramatically cut down on any cheating, confusion, and arguing over missed details.  Sure, spilling your soda would be a bit more disastrous, but since when is that not a disaster?

eon1The team behind Eon Altar, which is comprised of several industry vets, are designing the game around 20 – 90 minute long adventures, which is perfect for a group of friends wanting to just hang out for a couple hours.  The game features everything you would expect, with each player selecting a character that they can shape and mould as time goes on, racing to recover loot from fallen enemies, and the ability to trade with other players.

You can head to the Eon Altar Kickstarter page for lots of additional information regarding gameplay, the backstory, and specific mechanics.  What you’re backing isn’t just an interesting looking game, but a paradigm shift in how RPGs are played.  You have until December 8th to decide whether you want to make a pledge towards the $300,000 funding goal.

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