Is it fair to say that cyberpunk has fallen out of favor?  Sure, there’s a few cyberpunk games floating around, and a couple in development, but it not like it used to be.  In the 90’s you couldn’t help but come across floppy haired teens in black trench coats looking on the back of Syndicate, Rise of the Dragon, and Bloodnet game boxes in Egghead for fashion advice as they listened to the latest Billy Idol all the while wondering when the second issue of Wired was going to come out, and if it would be even a little readable.  Ok, not only was that a run-on sentence from hell, but it’s a generalization, but not by much!  These days our cyberpunk fix comes from remakes, cosplay, and our heroes breaking our hearts.

But fear not! Dreadlocks, a game developer out of the Czech Republic, are working on something fresh; they just need help with a little funding.

dex1Dex is a side scrolling cyberpunk RPG that promises lots of action, stealth, and a unique view on cyberspace.  You play the part of a bad-ass girl roaming the streets of Harbor Prime, a grime encrusted metropolis infused with enough neon, bad weather, and bad guys to make even Arti take a time out from making videos to see what the hell is going on.  The play style players adopt in Dex will have an impact on not just the upgrades available, but also the choices they have for handling various situations.  Do you shoot your way out of a sticky situation, or hop into cyberspace and “hack the Gibson“?

Surf over to the Dex Kickstarter page for more information on the game, including a gameplay filled funding video, and a lengthy update on how the team is going to handle hacking.

The Dex Kickstarter campaign runs until December 12th and has a target of £14,000.

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