By Charlotte “Charlie” Humphries


slaighter1The point-and-click genre is usually associated with manically clicking everything possible and combining all of your items together until something – anything! – happens. However, it is time to rejoice as this is no longer the case. If you’re looking for an intelligent, logical point-and-click adventure, The Slaughter is here to restore faith in this sorely neglected genre.

Set in Victorian London, around the time of Jack the Ripper, you follow the narrative of investigator Sydney Emerson, not only in his waking moments but also when he dreams. You are given access to his inner thoughts – through a black screen and white text – which really reflect what Sydney is thinking. This intimate view into the protagonist’s head is what sets The Slaughter apart from other point-and-click adventures.

slaughter-4Everything involved in making this game has been checked and then rechecked to ensure the highest quality possible. The music was composed alongside the script and compliments it just so, and the transition between scenes is flawless. Instead of a straight-up detective story, The Slaughter has embraced a noir slant through the music – inspired by the likes of Victorian classical composers, noir jazz and even Nobuo Uematsu – and it is elegant in its execution. The dream sequences have been carefully balanced so that they are not over-the-top or weird for the sake of being weird – yes even the talking fish! They help to enhance the player’s experience rather than shatter the immersion that has been so carefully built up from the very beginning. These sequences are also integral to delving into Sydney’s mental state and watching as it begins to unravel throughout the game. His interactions with other characters and the environment will reflect this descent into madness. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as the developer has promised plenty of comic relief to balance out the darker themes and events.

slaughter-3The Slaughter is a game where the player will want to explore every nook for all the details. These extras add layers to the characters – already excellent because of the careful craftsmanship of the dialogue – and the setting is enhanced because of it.

Everything in this point-and-click adventure has been blended together to provide the best experience possible. It is a game that needs putting on wish lists because everything is pointing towards an excellent finished product that will entertain again and again.

If you are not the biggest fan of point-and-click adventures, or have yet to play one, give the demo – available on The Slaughter’s kickstarter page – a chance. The small taste that has been released will leave you impatient with the wait for the full game; a wait worth bearing if the demo is anything to go by.


Game Info

Game : The Slaughter

Developer : Brainchild Studios

Platforms : PC / Mac / Linux

Current Status : In Production

Release Date : Unknown

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