theslaughter1The Slaughter, an immersive and story driven adventure game to be released next month on PC, Mac, and Linux, is going to miss its projected release date of July 2014. While yes, this is a bit disappointing, the game has plenty of progress to show from its longer-than-expected development cycle. We even got a new release timeframe, but unfortunately, it’s “when it’s done”, so we actually have absolutely no idea when this thing is coming out. Since the development cycle was planned to be finished next month, I don’t think it would be outlandish to assume that the game is near completion, but as is the way of delays, we don’t know. There might’ve been a huge delay that caused a large portion of time to be lost, or it might just be a little hiccup. The important thing is this: There’s still time to help these guys make their release, whenever it is, as successful as possible, and it’s as easy as voting on Steam Greenlight.

theslaughter2The backers in the comments section are staying optimistic, luckily, so Brainchild isn’t under a ton of fan pressure. It really comes down to this: Do we want a rushed, unfinished game in July or a highly-polished masterpiece in August (or later)? That’s for you to decide, but if you’d like to learn a little more about this ambitious project, you can check out Kickstarter and play the free demo available there, not to mention the fact that you can read our preview of the game.. If you like what you see, don’t forget about Greenlight! The team is close to being approved, so all we need is that final push!


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Nathaniel Liles
Nathaniel Liles is a freelance writer, writing major, and indie musician based in Southern Indiana. While procrastinating or avoiding real-world responsibility, Nathaniel enjoys playing rhythm games, action RPGs, and very colorful games with many bright, flashing lights. You can listen to Nathaniel sing songs or download his music for free at
Nathaniel Liles