shovelknight1Considering Shovel Knight has had the time to fall both in and out of the indie spotlight, as it were, the game hasn’t actually been released in any form. I found this strange to learn, because I could’ve sworn that it was released ages ago, but lo and behold the Kickstarter update posted on June 5th, the true, actual, final, complete release will be on June 26th. The best part? It’s coming to a Nintendo console near you!

The heavily Nintendo-esque design and style of Shovel Knight lends itself very well to a Nintendo console, so if you find yourself with a Wii U or 3DS on the 26th, you’ll be able to play Shovel Knight in its natural habitat, but it’ll be no less fun on PC. You can pick the game up on Steam or through the Nintendo eShop, but if you backed at $50 or more, you’ll be receiving a physical copy soon after release.

shovelknight2If you’d like to learn a little bit more about Shovel Knight, you can check out all kinds of informative goodness on its Kickstarter page. Maybe even delve into the updates section, where you can find the latest and greatest images, info, and more. If you go to the June 5th update, you can get a head start by checking out some of the adorable instructional booklet, done in the fun and informative style of classic NES booklets.


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