redgoddess2One of the most gorgeous, unique, and fresh takes on an action/adventure platformer in a very long time is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, but it needs attention desperately. With a $50,000 goal, the game is asking quite a bit, but what its offering in return could be one of the most intriguing games I’ve seen in too long, Red Goddess. Developers Yanim Studio are making strides in artistic and storytelling techniques to bring us a promising campaign for what could be an incredible experience.

The story revolves around a troubled goddess named Divine. Her mind has become clouded and ill, and Divine is haunted by her past. A mysterious and unknown corruption is tearing her apart from the inside, destroying her mind, her soul, and eventually her, altogether. Our journey begins when Divine decides to right this wrong by stepping inside of her own consciousness, a planet within her own mind covered in mountains, forests, caves; and untold dangers. Discovering who she is, who she was, and what she’ll become is our quest, but we soon realize that there’s more to this than we thought.

redgoddess3The player controls Divine’s emotions on a quest to free her mind from illness and regret, gathering fragments of lost memories and killing the evil that lives within. With limited control over yourself at times, you must think ahead and solve puzzles as they come by possessing enemies, or channeling your emotions to become Fury, the embodiment of rage, or Chill, the embodiment of fear. Red Goddess is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter with a campaign that runs until April 9th.

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