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Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Early Access Review

By Suzanne Verras


sir hunted 1Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been in alpha for a very long time, but with the last update, it seems like it is coming to an end. Today I’m going to look at what you can expect if you buy Sir, You are Being Hunted in early access.

Sir, You are Being Hunted is a stealth game by Big Robot, set in a very British world where steampunk like robots hunt humans for sport. Somehow you end up in the archipelago full of those dangerous robots and of course you have to escape. To do that you have to find fragments of the device that brought you there, scattered over the five islands, and place them in the standing stones in the center island. After you get back you can have a nice dinner, as dinner preparations will be postponed. That’s what you are told at the beginning of the game.

sir hunted 2When you start a game you can choose between different easy and moderate classes which give you different kinds of handy items. The Artist for example has a map, the Inventor a strange device that tells you if shards are nearby and the Aristocrat starts with only some rags you can use for bandages. Once you have chosen your profession the world is randomly generated, so that every game makes for a new experience. Sometimes the worlds are a bit wonky though, you can come across sheds submerged in water for example.

sir hunted 3Once you spawn in the world, you have to find the fragments to get back home. But that’s not the only thing you have to find. You need food, rags, weapons and distraction tools to survive. You can find those things inside sheds, houses and trashcans. Because of the fact that everything is randomly generated, it could take some time to find weapons. The first time I played the game, I found some weapons in a village next to my spawn. The second time though, I only found some weapons on the second island.  Another way to get weapons is hoping that the robots, in a fit of rage, start attacking each other. I’ve seen it a few times. When one of them is down you can check the body for some kind of gun.

sir hunted 4If you find a fragment, it is most certainly guarded by robots. There are different ways to get to the fragments. You can distract the robots with alarm clocks, bottles and toy trains, but you can also try to kill the robots with weapons, if you have them. You could also just try to charge in, take the fragment, run away and hide. But I have to say, it isn’t the best way. Trust me, I tried.

There are all kinds of different robots. There are hunters, which you find throughout the world, they are kind of the default enemies. There is a creature in the ocean surrounding the Islands called a BogCreature. It kills you when you stay in the water for too long. There are a lot of other robots, but the scariest one in my opinion is the Landowner. The Landowner is a gigantic robot, who stalks you once he spots you. They’re impossible to get rid of. Lastly, the scarecrow reminds me of a weeping angle from Doctor Who, only moving when you aren’t watching them.sir hunted 5I don’t want to spoil too much about the game, because I think you should go check Sir, You Are Being Hunted out yourself. It’s an amazing survival stealth game and it makes for hours of fun. If this review isn’t enough to convince you, you can check out my Let’s Play video, where I try to survive in the harsh robotic world, without any weapons.


Game Info

Game : Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Developer : Big Robot

Platforms : Win / Mac / Linux

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