cosmochoria2Cosmochoria is described as a love letter to classic arcade games, but not quite in the way you’d expect, because Cosmochoria deals with the themes of isolation and wonder just as much as many experimental art games. Cosmochoria is a game about exploration, discovery, childlike wonder, and, above all else, fun.

Cosmochoria drops you on a barren, dead planet, and it is your job to bring life and beauty to the galaxy by planting small trees and shrubberies everywhere you can. If you help the planets, they will help you in return by healing you, and when one planet is completely seeded, you simply jetpack into space and find another one. The fun of the game lies in accumulating points from enemies and plants to upgrade yourself over time, allowing you to put down more and more plants with each successive playthrough. You play as a little naked pink cosmonaut and simply travel through space making things pretty, but there are mysteries to be discovered, and strange things in the deepest reaches of space.

Cosmochoria is currently being developed by Nate Schmold for release on PC, Mac, and Linux, and has some of the coolest Kickstarter rewards I’ve ever seen. Every single pledge guarantees the planting of a tree on Earth, and donations as small as $3 get you a copy of the game. You can even get a USB branch with the game on it! If you don’t have the dough at the moment, you can still get mad supportive by voting for Cosmochoria on Steam Greenlight. With an initial goal of only $10,000, it’s Cosmochoria for PC, Mac, and Linux (Wii U, PS4, and Vita if Stretch Goals are met!)



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