rain2Kickstarter, while often a breeding ground for great ideas, can also be a risky place. In a case of “Kickstarter gone wrong”, the successfully funded RAiN appears to be completely dead in the water, and developer Joseph Nix has begun issuing refunds via PayPal to some people who message him and ask for one. Unfortunately, this probably means the end of RAiN, at least for a little while, and the fanbase is none too happy, especially those who aren’t getting the refunds they ask for. As of today, refunds seem to continue, but legal alternatives are being discussed in the fanbase amongst those who haven’t received theirs for several months. No worries for Nix; Kickstarter doesn’t guarantee anything, and Nix offering refunds is much more than some studios even try to do, but the fanbase may not be as generous next time Joseph Nix comes around with a cool idea.

So what happened with RAiN to cause such a revolt?  Most of the important details are locked behind Backer Only updates of course, but it appears as though there’s been a lot of questions over how much of the game actually existed when the Kickstarted began.  There was also an exodus of developer talent that left Nix with no game, no team, and 298 backers to hold back.

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