contestedspace2I understand the appeal of EVE Online. I really do. Whenever I play it, however, I… Ya know, stop playing it. There’s not enough going on to hold my attention for very long because I have the attention span of a… Anyway, where was I? Oh, that’s right, Contested Space. Contested Space is a bit like EVE Online, but all the math and economy has been replaced by explosions and space LEGOs. I’m okay with that.

Contested Space keeps to a few of the big things that make EVE what it is. First of all, the universe players inhabit is just one big persistent thing. You’re let loose into space, and it’s the same space as everyone else who plays. Everyone makes their own ships and space stations and fights for one of three factions, being awarded credits for taking over other territories. It’s a constant battle between everyone playing, and the space combat looks really fun. Combining the fast-paced space combat with ship and space station customization will lead to many unique battles, and if the universe is really as big as developers Contested Space Corp. say it is, these battles will be titanic in scale.

contestedspace1Plans for Contested Space include a subscription-based release by the end of the year with an indefinite development cycle that will bring free content expansions to subscribers. No micro-transactions and no bias between subscribers. For a $5 pledge, you get in for a month and you get instant access to the ship designer. Spring for the higher tiers and you can score yourself a 3D printed spaceship. If you’d like to learn more and see gameplay, you can visit Kickstarter yourself and see the sights.


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