stealth2When I put together my gaming computer, one of the first things I did, after playing Goat Simulator in 1080p, was boot up a benchmarking program for Unreal Engine 4. Damn, it’s all pretty and junk. Unreal Engine 4 is truly a next-gen (well, current-gen) experience, and I’m excited about how developers will be using it. One of the first Kickstarters I’ve seen take advantage of this new and exciting software is the upcoming Project Stealth by Heartcore Games. Does it live up to the epic platform it’s built on? Well, that’s entirely up to you.

stealth3Project Stealth looks like a cool concept, and it has some impressive visuals to sell its idea of 2 vs 2 tactical stealth gameplay, with one team being all sneaky-sneaky ninja-pants and one team being the shooty-shooty mercenary type. This is a variety of multiplayer that lends itself well to “those moments”. You know, the moments that spontaneously happen because of human beings and good game design, also known as the entire reason multiplayer exists. Spies have no lethal weapons, and must simply rely on outsmarting their opponents to complete the objective, whatever that may be in your game mode of choice. It’s brains vs brawn, and as a highly unexplored genre, it’s easy to get excited to see how this will turn out.

stealth4If you’d like to learn more about Project Stealth or get behind the project, you can bebop on over to Kickstarter for all the juicy details. Project Stealth, or whatever its final name ends up being, will be released first and foremost on Windows, but depending on how easy it is to port over, a Mac version will hopefully be achieved at launch. Other platforms are stretch goals, but if this gets the exposure it deserves, I think it might just happen.


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