fullball2It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a giant hamster that’s going to eat us all!

At your fingertips, by your command, turning a little, adorable hamster into a weapon of mass destruction to completely pulverize cities in a search for his lady-hamster friend? Sounds pretty freaking sweet.

Twitchy Finger Games, based in Hong Kong, wanted to take the concept of a runner and make it better (and furrier) for iOS and Android devices. They wanted to bring more action to runner games and they’re on their way with Furball Rampage. Rather than averting obstacles, the gameplay primarily concentrates on item accumulation. The more collected, the stronger the hamster will become until it’s a gigantic in Kata-Mode, monstrous being, prepared to rein hell upon cities and eventually smash buildings, fight armies, and ward off helicopters.

fullball1Furball Rampage takes the monster aspect from Katamari and the rampage from, well, Rampage. Players are offered a variety of options when choosing their hamster character along with the ability to unlock special levels aside from the preexisting 9.

At the moment, Furball Rampage is at the final stage of its development. To fund the remaining part, Twitchy Finger Games turned to IndieGoGo to crowdfund the remaining part, which requires about $25K. However, they intend to complete Furball Rampage within 60 days following the IndieGoGo campaign, that way the backers are getting it as soon as possible. If stretch goals are met, Furball Rampage will expand its language support along with stages, characters, and even include sidekicks.


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