tomboftyrants2Being a historical curator is already stressful enough but once you add in some greedy adventurers, yearning to steal the treasures you’re earnestly and desperately attempting to preserve, you’re practically due for an aneurism.

Tomb of Tyrants is a dungeon-defense puzzle game unlike any other. Jack Huhman has taken the beauty of a puzzle board game and meshed it together with a strategic platform, an abnormal combination that makes Tomb of Tyrants stand out.

Several dungeons underground, you’re protecting a treasure of some sort and heroes are venturing into the dungeon several levels above, ready to steal it. It’s up to you to send in different traps, monsters, and add on as many floors as possible to prevent them from getting to you, the tyrant.

Below the dungeon we have the board littered with tiles varying in both color and icon, ranging from weaponry, loot, flesh, etc. Players must line up look-alike tiles to reach combos, thus receiving resources to combat foes. The higher tile count, the more resources they’ll accumulate. The more monsters fall in battle, the more tiles that will appear on the board, thus leading to more resources. It’s just wonderful all around for the player if they are on top of their game.

tomboftyrants3On top of that, if the game drags out to a specific point, advanced floors, special creatures, and even upgrades will be available to protect your tyrant.

For about five months, Jack has been working on Tomb of Tyrants, pushing near the alpha stage. With high hopes about the future development, he is turning to Kickstarter for $6K, paying for his survival for the upcoming months until Tomb’s completion.


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