wingsremastered3I had never heard of Amiga classic Wings before doing a little research on its Remastered Edition, strangely enough, and although I feel like I missed out a little bit, I’ll be getting not only one but two chances to check this out in coming days. So will you, obviously, because not only has the release date for the original been given a ballpark timeframe, but we’ll be getting an Amiga emulation on iOS and Android. You can play the original when it’s finished on your mobile device in anticipation for the epic Remastered Edition from Cinemaware.

wingsremastered2The target release date is more or less a ballpark estimation, but it’s one founded on the current development schedule. While the original slated release was June of this year, the team is doing very well with their plans to release it sometime between the end of July and mid-April. The team has stated explicitly that they’re making the game that the backers want, and the fact that we have to wait an extra month shouldn’t be a hard hit to backers who’ve been given delays for years and years.

wingsremastered1On a side note, the backer-exclusive beta will be beginning soon, so if you know a backer or care to look around the internet, I’m sure we’ll be able to get a good look at the near-finished product soon.


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Nathaniel Liles
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Nathaniel Liles