spacewrights1Several articles back, I said something along the lines of describing this as the season of space simulation and RTS games and the more I explore Kickstarter, the more it rings true. I just need the space core from Portal 2 to chime in singing “SPAAAAAAACE!” to wrap up what this quarter for crowdfunded games has been like.

That being said, I bring to you another space simulation gem that just made its way to Kickstarter. Spacewrights is a lowbit space simulation and exploration game developed by ArithmeBit for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. In Spacewrights, players have their very own customizable ship to explore the universe in. They can choose the life of a space pirate or explore uninhabited planets and expand on them, socialize with members of different factions and slowly build their very own galactic empire as well – Spacewrights offers vast possibilities. Once players develop their empire, they can control and customize their entire fleet and command vessels to interact with other ships.

spacewrights2Spacewrights will frequently switch between space exploration and ship control and top-down third person exploration.   The further the player explores and negotiates with the many alien races, they uncover an interesting alien trading system and ancient ruins that answer some questions about their past. ArithmeBit has already completed a demo of Spacewrights, which is available for download via link on their Kickstarter page. Now, Spacewrights needs a completely original soundtrack and the ArithmeBit team needs to commission a musician for it. To cover the rest of their development expenses, fees, taxes, and the soundtrack, they have turned to Kickstarter for $!2K to make it happen.

Additionally, they’re trying to get Spacewrights on Steam Greenlight as well! So if you’re interested in this game, please check out the Kickstarter page and give ’em a vote on Steam!


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