You are now earthbound is a Kickstarter to give fans of the classic JRPG a box set full of goodies.

In the history of video games few fandoms can compare with the extreme amounts of passion exhibited by EarthBound lovers. As a testament to how strong this community really is, Fangamer have just launched a Kickstarter project titled You Are Now EarthBound. The full scope of the project comes in four parts. First, they want to produce a physical and digital book titled Travel Eagleland the EarthBound Way. This 250 page title will be doused in 90s design aesthetics and provide a lovely companion for playing and enjoying EarthBound.

Next up is the documentary Earthbound, USA. Depending on the tier you can nab it as a single DVD, two-disc DVD set (second disc is bonus content), or even a Blu-Ray copy. So far tons of content has already been shot for the documentary. Viewers can expect to see interviews with people whose lives and jobs were touched by a run-in with an oddball SNES RPG. Here’s just a small sampling of interviewees: Ashly Burch, Frank Cifaldi, Tim Schafer.

You are now earthbound is a Kickstarter to give fans of the classic JRPG a box set full of goodies.Then there is a music CD by Bad Dudes titled Psychokinetic Album. This album will feature tracks inspired by the entire Mother series. Finally, a zine is also being produced (called the Psychokinetic Zine). Zines are basically fan-created magazines. It will feature 80 pages of awesome fan artwork and writing, which you can sample at the official Tumblr.

All in all, You Are Now EarthBound is a ridiculously massive multi-tiered campaign. As such, Fangamer is asking for $100,000 to make it all a reality. If this first day of funding is any indicator they’re going to decimate that goal very soon. Here’s hoping they’ve got some excellent stretch goals in mind!

Track the progress of the You Are Now EarthBound Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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