Have you felt that there really haven’t been any standout campaigns on Kickstarter thus far in 2015? Sure, there’s a few, but things aren’t picking up to speed just yet. A possible front runner in this category is Elventales: A Path Foreseen. This hack and slash RPG regales of us the tale of August. This young man knew it was his destiny to join the army and help his kingdom – and so he does. However, there will be many dangerous enemies in his path along the way.

Elven Tales is a fantasy RPG with some beautful pixel art that's now on Kickstarter.In many ways Elventales: A Path Foreseen is reminiscent of classic Zelda games. You’ll get to explore a variety of landscapes and dungeons. Solving puzzles is required as well as defeating tons of monsters. With that said, it seems that fighting won’t be the only way to go in some instances. One goal of the game is to allow for multiple ways to approach a situation. Simply negotiating with someone may yield the same result as threatening or harming them. It’s a bit hard to know exactly what is planned as the writing on the campaign page is a bit awkward-sounding, but gameplay itself looks engaging.

Elven Tales is a fantasy RPG with some beautful pixel art that's now on Kickstarter.Finally, the pixel art visuals are certainly worth mentioning. Yes, yes, I know, pixel art is everywhere but it’s well done! Both animation and monster/world designs pop to create a very effective landscape. Elventales: A Path Foreseen needs to get more press to succeed due to their funding goal of $30,000. The game is poised for Windows PC release and currently is without a Steam Greenlight page.

Track the progress of the Elventales Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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