Are you in the mood for a 2D pixelated action game? If you’re looking for a game that fits the bill and is brand new then perhaps Slain! will be up your alley (and yes, the exclamation point appears to be a necessary part of the title). This exuberantly-titled game has been making the rounds via news posts here and there since late last year but is about to make its way into headlines again. Why? Word is that Slain! will be hitting Kickstarter soon.

News of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign came about thanks to publisher Digerati Distribution via their latest blog post. The game itself focuses on protagonist Bathoryn and takes place in a Gothic-themed setting. He’s described as lycanthropic which means Bathoryn also happens to be a werewolf! Despite such apparent power, he’s still able to be killed and (at least in the trailers) it appears there’s always a great chance of death. If you think Slain! sounds at all neat then keep an eye on Kickstarter in late February as that’s when the campaign is set to launch.

Presumably, a lovely little demo will also accompany the crowdfunding campaign. Amazingly enough it appears that much of the game is already complete as well. Digerati were confident enough to also state that the game is set to launch in mid-April. We at Cliqist will be certain to cover more of Slain! when its campaign goes live. In the meantime, here’s a teaser trailer of the game.

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