As a fan of visual novels it’s hard for me to pass up on any new ones that crop up on Kickstarter and IndieGogo. This week a visual novel and RPG hybrid by the name of Vampire Quest popped up on Kickstarter. Although it seems to have a good art style and gameplay concepts, the storyline is really something.

Vampire quest is a visual novel thats crowdfunding on Kickstarter

It all begins with a young woman named Jill who decides to become a vampire purely because, in her world, vampire women have large breasts. However, after offering herself up to a vampire purely for this purpose she discovers the vampire which bit her actually has some sort of contract which nullifies these vampiric effects. Jill gets pissed, kills the vampire, and then tries to become a human again. Is there some sort of greater meaning to the storyline than a “comedic” tale of self-objectification (which is far too common in real life)? I certainly hope so.

Vampire quest is a visual novel thats crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Once pushing past all that we get to the actual gameplay mechanics in Vampire Quest. It features multiple dialgoue choices as per visual novels but also includes a real time battle system. After succesful battles you can upgrade your characters. Yes, there are more playable women than just Jill. Developer Parasite Studio is aiming for 18 different heroes, although more are teased as stretch goals. Despite the nearly 20 heroes, you can only have a group of up to 4 at any time. Who you choose will impact the skills and strengths of your party. Vampire Quest is asking for $7,000 and, if successful, will launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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