I’m going to be honest with you, before the Windwalkers campaign appeared on my radar, I had never heard of the sci-fi novel “La Horde du Contrevent” by Alain Damasio. However, it appears I am not alone in this (at least as far as non-French speakers are concerned). Development team Forge Animation, despite having a great concept for an adaptation of the book, were unable to attract heavy investment due to a lack of notoriety for their source of inspiration. All the same, I’m pretty intrigued by the Windwalkers Kickstarter campaign, although there’s still of information still guarded.

Windwalkers is a sci-fi action rpg that focuses on multiplayer. It's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.The basic concept for Windwalkers is that you control a “horde” of people who are making a journey to discover the source of the strong, dangerous winds which perpetually wash over the landscape. They are the 34th group – all previous 33 were never able to make it back alive. This journey is incredibly dangerous but your horde must try to make it to the Upper-Reaches. It appears the game will allow for single player as well as co-op where the other player will be a part of your horde. All teammates must develop their skills to survive in the incredibly harsh environment. Of course, dangers beyond wind also lurk around the corner.

Windwalkers is a sci-fi action rpg that focuses on multiplayer. It's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.Beyond all that the campaign page doesn’t go too far into detail as per gameplay mechanics. It does however discuss the intention for Windwalkers to be a transmedia affair (a video game, comic book, and film). Please note that the Kickstarter goal of $330,000 CAD (about $262,800) is to fund the PC game specifically.

Track the progress of the Windwalkers Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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