Back in 1992, Ultima Underworld brought about a new style of gameplay for RPGs. Instead of offering more top down or isometric perspectives you were really thrust into a first person perspective ala FPSes, but with an obvious PC RPG slant. Although an Ultima Underworld 2 was released shortly after, fans were unable to find future Underworld releases beyond it and instead gravitated toward a new era of RPG games instead. Those developers behind the original are back in their own indie studio, OtherSide Entertainment, and finally have the ability to create their newest game. Now it’s known as Underworld Ascendant and those who adored those classic PC titles can show their support via funding.

Underworld Ascendant marks the return of Looking Glass Studios alumni and the Underworld series on Kickstarter.You’ll explore vast underground worlds, uncovering monsters and societies who inhabit the landscape. Some of them will join your side while others will simply want to pick a fight. New aspects include an “improvisation engine” which will allow players to utilize their environment in multiple ways to solve any one problem. Experimentation is cherished, which should lead to a great deal of variety between playthroughs. Of course, combat will be filled with weapon and magic-based attacks to destroy enemies.

Underworld Ascendant marks the return of Looking Glass Studios alumni and the Underworld series on Kickstarter.Underworld Ascendant both feels familiar and new with its more modern 3D graphics, fluid fighting mechanics, and improvisation engine. Fans have already shown they appreciate what OtherSide Entertainment is creating by providing a large chunk of the required $600,000 Kickstarter goal. The game is currently planned for Windows PCs and there is not yet a Steam Greenlight page. However, they’ll have no problem getting it greenlit when the time comes.

Track the progress of the Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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