Have you ever heard of “ship breaking?” It is the act of dismantling old, decommissioned ships. It is incredibly dangerous labor, not only while engaging in the work, but may even have long term health consequences due to toxic chemicals in the air. Many people in locations such as Bangladesh and India take these jobs because they must. Unraveled tells a story based around a family who lives and works at the local ship breaking yard. Something has happened and now the daughter is all alone. Players must assume the role of this young girl and venture forth to find her family. She won’t be alone, though. Thanks to her powerful imagination, a cute toy will come to life to accompany her.


Gameplay is a mix of turn-based RPG battles and 2D platforming sections. Usually you’ll be platforming through areas because enemies are purposefully uncommon. Once you do run into one it will be a big deal. The goal of RosePortal Games is to make each encounter feel like a boss battle. One exciting aspect of Unraveled is its imaginative pixel art. Even though the backdrop is a ship breaking yard, it will be transformed in fantastic ways during your travels.


The unique concept of Unraveled has already drawn attention. A Steam Greenlight page was launched a few weeks ago and quickly succeeded. Now that the game is on Kickstarter they can work toward achieving its $15,000 funding goal. As of right now, Unraveled is set for Windows launch in both DRM-free and Steam format.

Track the progress of the Unraveled Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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