Berzerk Studio have been around the block a few times. Over the years they’ve released a great deal of games, and as such, have developed a bit of a following. Despite their regular work on new titles they actually had one “secret” title which never came out. This game is called Infernax and it was actually completed four years ago. So, where has the game been all this time? Despite Berzerk Studios doing their best to grab a publisher for it, none ever accepted due to the high level of 8-bit violence. It seems a bit silly in this day and age, but hey, developers have the right to be prudish.


Infernax itself is an action RPG styled after the likes of Castlevania, but with gore closer to the excesses of Splatterhouse. Players take on the role of a knight in a 2D world and beat up all sorts of enemies – each of which die in gratuitously gory ways. It is because of the aforementioned issues with publishers that the team have brought it to Kickstarter. You also might notice that Infernax has a funding goal of $10. No, someone didn’t make a mistake on the keyboard.


How is it so cheap? Basically, the Kickstarter serves to show the developers if there’s actually an audience for the game out there, attract more players, and possibly utilize funds to better their game with controller support and other updates. Please note, however, that each stretch goal is far higher than the initial $10. For example, the lowest stretch goal is $15,000. Here’s a link to the Steam Greenlight page as it has yet to be greenlit.

Track the progress of the Infernax Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada