This-is-the-PoliceThis Is The Police is a strategy adventure game featuring Jon St. John, the iconic voice of Duke Nukem. On February 22, the campaign became a success, reaching is $25k goal with a few days left till its end. Since then, two new backer tiers were added. Those were:

$25 – “I Knew a Guy” Scenario: An exclusive investigation in which Jack Boyd is faced with the psychopath he failed to catch 30 years ago. Included on this reward level is a copy of the game, thanks in the credits, and a rules and regulations brochure.

$150 – “Design Your Own Crime + Name and Face of a Policeman”: Backers are given the chance to design a crime to be featured in the game wherein they get to suggest the potential outcomes of such cases. They are also given the chance to name and help design the face of one of the policemen in the game. Included on this reward level are three copies of the game, thanks in the credits, rules and regulations brochure, beta access, and the “I Knew a Guy” exclusive scenario. This is limited to ten backers only.

It was also announced on February 23 that every backer would receive a digital copy of the “graphic novelette” titled “JACKASS.” As of this time, no details were released as to what the graphic novel would be about.

This Is The Police still has two days left until its campaign ends. The project has received support and praise from PC Gamer and Kotaku, as well as other game creators such as Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, and Adrian Chmielarz, co-owner and creative director of the game developer, The Astronauts.

Learn more about This Is The Police in our previous coverage, including a somewhat depressing piece of fiction.

Amanda French
Amanda French first cut her gaming teeth by playing such classics as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Super Mario World at the ripe age of four. From there spawned a lifelong love of video games, particularly narrative heavy adventures and open world games. A creative writing graduate of Full Sail University, Amanda writes fiction novels in her spare time. You can find her work at the Independent Author Network under the pseudonym, Illise Montoya. Amanda’s all-time favorite games include Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 2, and Tekken 5. She lives on the California coast with her husband and young baby son.
Amanda French