eoe9Edge of Eternity, the JRPG indie title being developed by Midgar Studio, has reached yet another funding goal. This latest milestone unlocks nekaroo breeding for the final release. In the game, “nekaroos” are giant feline creatures that run on their hind legs, and they are a major means of transport in the world of Heryon. Breeding these beasts will unlock new kinds of nekaroos, both in appearance and what skill bonuses they can afford the player. An example provided by Midgar Studio was of a nekaroo found on an ocean beach. Such nekaroos might give bonuses to swimming for the player. Certain kinds of these mounts will be necessary for the progression of the game. Others will be exceedingly rare, and require hours of careful breeding. When explaining where their inspirations came from, Midgar Studio stated that they took less cues from Final Fantasy 7’s chocobo breeding system, and more from Sonic Adventures Chao Garden.

The next funding goal at $95k unlocks an item craft system that will give the player the power to craft such items as weapons, armor, and potions. Given that Edge of Eternity still has a little under a month left on Kickstarter and shows no signs of slowing down, the prospect of them reaching this goal is highly likely. Already unlocked are the PS4 and Xbox One releases. Their top funding goal, at $150k, promises to bring in acclaimed video game music composer, Yasunori Mitsuda, who is known for his work on Chrono Trigger and Xenosaga.

To learn more about Edge of Eternity be sure to check out our previous coverage, as well as a playthrough of the demo.


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