Don’t Be Patchman is a title which just cropped up on Kickstarter and drew my attention due to an odd, but interesting concept. Although the page doesn’t focus too deeply on actual gameplay, it does offer one heck of a story. Basically, Patchman lived in the world of Sheeple and was adored by all of them. Alien/robot/corporation Drones suddenly descended upon the world and asked for his assistance in converting the Sheeple to their way of living – watching TV, getting the life sucked out of them, and being dependent on pre-packaged vending machine food. Patchman did it, but what a horrible move to make!


After getting killed and reborn, he decides to make things right by stopping the Sheeple’s dependence on Drones. Players must return to nature and work hard to grow fruits, destroy propoganda, and basically do everything possible to return Sheeple to their original, happy lifestyles. Apparently you’ll have to go around in disguise sometimes as well as avoid Drones because they can destroy you on sight. There’s not a huge explanation as to how each level is laid out or your goals (aside from feeding folks fruit) but I’m expecting developer Naturally Intelligent to provide some descriptive updates.


They’ll deifnitely want to do that, at least if they hope to raise the $25,000 Kickstarter goal that Don’t Be Patchman requires to succeed. You can take a look at their Steam Greenlight page for many more videos or even give the game an upvote. If successful, Don’t Be Patchman will arrive on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Track the progress of the Don’t Be Patchman Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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