It’s an amazing trend to see people who were previously successful on Kickstarter returning to the platform to fund their next game. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix originally came to Kickstarter in 2013 to fund Legends of Dawn to twice its $25,000 goal. Since then, the title launched on Steam, although it hasn’t had a particularly wonderful reception. In any case, they’re back now with Wave of Darkness. The game takes place after Legends of Dawn ends although you’re not required to have played that one first. Players of the first will get to import characters, though.


Wave of Darkness is a 3D hack ‘n slash RPG with a focus on bringing back challenging gameplay. According to the excited ramblings of the Kickstarter page this is a game where you’ll be able to walk everywhere (or at least have far more exploration freedom than ‘corridor RPGs’). They’ve also pegged one playthrough as lasting 70+ hours, which puts it up there with more serious contenders of the genre as far as length’s concerned. The world looks pretty gritty and enemy art also seems to get creative – and gross. There will be 200 types of monsters, tons of loot, a great deal of character classes, and even a crafting feature.


Before backing, I would suggest looking over Steam user reviews of their previous game to see what the complaints were about. It does appear this time around the developers are trying to create a game which works natively with 64-bit OSes, which is a step in the right direction. Wave of Darkness requires $20,000 via Kickstarter funding and is planned for Windows PC.

Track the progress of the Wave of Darkness Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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