Icy takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a new Ice Age appears to be in full swing. As one of the few remaining survivors, you and your nomadic tribe must try and survive in this deadly landscape. Players themselves assume a leadership role which means they’ve got to keep everyone healthy, manage supplies, fight off creatures, deal with other people’s drama, and all that. Icy is both a survival game and narrative focused RPG. As you interact with other players you’ll respond with different dialog choices – all which brand out the storyline in various ways.


Curious how it’ll actually play? If you’ve ever played a digitized gamebook then you have a basic idea. Story events and actions are presented with a still image, text, and often ask for player input. Because the focus is so primarily on artwork that stuff simply needs to look good. From what developer Inner Void Interactive have shown so far they definitely seem to have a skilled artist on their team. Although presented in color, the world appears very drab and inhospitable.


Thanks to a strong showing Icy is already on track to blast through whatever stretch goals the team add on. The Indiegogo funding goal is $2,500 but at the time of this writing it’s nearly funded already. With that said, the game’s Steam Greenlight page has not seen immediate success just yet so feel free to give that an upvote. Unless console goals are revealed later, players can expect to give it a shot on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

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