The Song of Seven begins in a very unexpected way – with protagonist Kiba going off not to save the world but fix a broken fence. There he meets Emma, and the two of them have a chance encounter with a mystical creature. Because of this they’re both able to discover an ancient temple. Being youthful, both hurry to investigate! Once inside the doors close, trapping them inside. Players will have to explore and solve puzzles to get them out of the unfortunate situation. The game is primarily told in a point and click style adventure style, although it takes a more Telltale Game approach by utilizing analog control for character movement rather than actual “pointing and clicking.”


Along the journey you’ll solve a bunch of puzzles and also interact with The Song of Seven’s unique cast of characters. Conversations are filled with dialog options to create conversation trees. As with many adventure titles, this one is also taking on the episodic approach. Perhaps you’ve already guessed as much thanks to the title but developer Enlightened Games is planning for a seven chapter series. However, only Chapter 1 will be made with successful Kickstarter funds. If, however, there’s a great enough deal of funding then later episodes will be added in as stretch goals.


The Song of Seven requires $8,000 for Kickstarter success and is off to a positive start. The game already made its way safely through Steam Greenlight! They’re planning to release it for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), PS4 and Wii U.

Track the progress of the Song of Seven Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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