After a relatively smooth Steam release, Enlightened Games has come to a dead end on development of the Wii U version of The Song of Seven. The game’s Kickstarter campaign raised $8,543 to bring The Song of Seven to PC, PS4, and Wii U. Now it seems Nintendo fans are in for disappointment.


In a recent update, Enlightened stressed that after more than a year of work they have exhausted all options to make The Song of Seven work on the Wii U console.

“We found that there is no feasible way to transition the game to that specific console without rebuilding the game from the ground up,” the update stated.

Backers who had been anticipating a Wii U version have instead been invited to select a different platform. Currently only the PC version is available, but Enlightened is still planning a PS4 release and has also begun working with Microsoft on an Xbox One version. This has proved to be cold comfort for Wii U enthusiasts.


Making The Switch

The developers claim they will continue to work with Nintendo on the possibility of a non Wii U release of The Song of Seven. This version would be available on upcoming platforms with hardware better suited to the game’s engine. It’s an idea which sounds good in theory. But, they may have a hard time convincing agitated backers to wait for a Nintendo Switch port. Considering this update was the first hint of trouble for the Wii U version it won’t be an easy sell.


As of yet, Enlightened has not offered refunds to backers who had initially pledged for a Wii U version. This hasn’t stopped backers from requesting their money back. Most, however, seem ready to begrudgingly accept a different version then what the devs had promised.

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