Limitless death and carnage await in ChaosForge’s modern sci-fi roguelike/RPG, Jupiter Hell. This new turn-based, 3D procedurally generated game, aims to take the 90’s sci-fi roguelike genre and turn it up to eleven. At least that’s what the Kickstarter campaign promises, with a hardcore metal soundtrack to back it up.

Heavy Metal Mayhem

ChaosForge is seeking $74,503 to drag the project, kicking and screaming, to life. Built on an entirely custom engine, Jupiter Hell allows the team to bring classic roguelike gameplay to modern audiences. This includes things like dynamic lighting, quick procedural composition, and an adaptable animation system that responds to keypress speed. This allows players to set their own turn-based slaughter pace.

Jupiter Hell takes place on the demon infested moons of Jupiter. A mega-corporation has opened a portal to some sort of hell dimension and it’s the players job to shut it down. As a lone marine (voiced by Mass Effect’s Mark Meer), players will rip and tear their way through impossible odds. The risk of permadeath looms close, so every decision matters.

Despite the hardcore gameplay, Jupiter Hell intends to streamline the roguelike experience. Rather than studying controls and actions from a manual, players are encouraged to jump right into the action. The game features several difficulty levels and challenge modes to cater to new and veteran players alike.


Roguelike fans will find a lot to love in Jupiter Hell, but even players new to the genre will get caught-up in the gleeful destruction and strategic depth. It’s hard not to when they have a wealth of classic weaponry at their disposal. Everything from shotguns, chainguns, and railguns to the good old chainsaw is making an appearance. Players will have plenty of options to dispatch demon possessed forces.

Fans have been swift to support ChaosForge on the new project. The game managed to reach almost one third of its campaign goal in the first 24 hours and already has over 600 backers. According to the Kickstarter campaign, Jupiter hell will release on Windows, Linux and OSX sometime in 2017.

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