Meowl Game Company first jumped onto the Kickstarter bandwagon in 2014 to launch a visual novel by the name of Change! Unfortunately, it didn’t garner enough attention and was left unfunded. Now they’re back again to hopefully get their game funded – and it seems they’ll definitely make it this time. For those who missed the initial go around, let’s first explain what exactly Change! is all about. This is an otome visual novel which typically refers to games where girls get to romance the guy of their choice. However, the storyline poses a bit of a twist on this typical formula.


You see, our protagonist was just a typical teen girl until her 17th birthday. On that day something impossible happened… She swapped bodies with her male cousin! This leads to a whole host of shenanigans, as well as an opportunity for the lead character to interact fearlessly with the guy she’s crushing on. Of course, it seems like this body swapping mishap will make everything a lot more confusing. Will both characters ever be able to return to their original selves? Is there a secret to uncover about how all this happened in the first place? You’ll have to play Change! to find out.


Folks intriuged by the visual novel’s setup can check out an English demo for Windows, Mac, or Linux. A Vietnamese demo is not available just yet but will be soon. Change! is asking for $2,500 CAD (about $1,980) in Kickstarter funding, which is a few thousand cheaper than 2014’s goal.

Track the progress of the Change! Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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