SolarFall Games has a big project on their hands with Umbra, the open world hack n’ slash game. The title has hit Kickstarter, seeking a whopping $225k in funds. To be perfectly honest, any project asking for more than $20k these days has me doubtful of a success, but Umbra could very well be different. It’s ambitious, it’s pretty, and it’s polished. More specifically, Umbra is seeking to provide many robust features, including an advanced crafting system, free character development (without class limitation), a large array of weapons and items, solo and multiplayer support, and the powerful Kythera AI system (of which Star Citizen also uses.)

Umbra screenshot

In short, Umbra is basically trying to be Diablo on steroids. How else can I describe in-game footage of an intense battle taking place on a giant monster’s back?

The first two minutes of the campaign video is just nothing but intense and gorgeous gameplay, showcasing the lush environments, the huge swarms of enemies, and the shiny magical powers. There are even brief glimpses of what looks like the crafting system and home construction, both of which appear amazingly detailed. Umbra is powered by the CRYENGINE, and Frank Vitz, creative director at Crytek, even went so far as to praise SolarFall Games for their work utilizing the game engine.

Umbra screenshot 2

But are these qualities enticing enough for backers to meet the massive $225k funding goal? On its first day, Umbra managed to raise over $7.5k. In order to meet its minimum goal, it will have to do that every single day of its 30-day campaign to succeed. That is not a small order, but only time will tell if gamers support it, or leave it.

Track the progress of the Umbra Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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