Back in March 2014, Seduce Me was funded to the tune of $8,236. In case you don’t remember it this is an otome visual novel by Seraphim Entertainment. The tale focused around a young woman who had just inherited her grandpa’s house but, upon visiting, discovers a group of handsome fellows. As it turns out, they’re not just house crashers but incubi. Of course, you’re free to interact with each guy and potentially develop a relationship with each. Unlike many other visual novels, you even control if relationships do or do not progress toward sex (and no, you don’t actually see that). There are over 20 endings, as well as a couple potential female dateable characters too!


We reviewed Seduce Me earlier this year, as well as shared a list of similar titles. Heck, we even got an interview with developer Michaela Laws! So yes, it’s safe to say that Seduce Me is a pretty lovely visual novel. Now that it’s on Steam tons of other folks will finally discover it. So, how much are tons of endings and nine romantic options worth to you? Despite being a pretty packed product, the game is staying true to its Kickstarter promise that this release would be free. All you have to do to play is click “Play Game” on the Steam Store page, download, and get to it.


The version of Seduce Me on Steam is the most recent and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, you won’t find any special Steam features such as trading cards or achievements. With that completed, Seraphim Entertainment can now continue work on the Android and iOS ports.

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