[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]n 2014 Seraphim Entertainment took to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for a new otome visual novel named Seduce Me. Although their previous project, My Teacher, failed to gain enough traction to succeed, Seduce Me did very well. In fact, in the end it raised double the required $4,000! A little under a year later the title has finally made its way out. And, as promised, you can play it completely free of charge!

Seduce Me begins by introducing us to protagonist Mika (or whatever you choose to name her). She is your typical teenager except for the fact that her family runs a successful toy company. Her father is stoic, keeping his focus fully on grooming Mika to become the next CEO, rather than allowing her to have her own life. The situation becomes more strained when the grandfather (and current company owner) passes away suddenly. Now the need for Mika to step up becomes even more pressing – and quite depressing as she was very close with her grandfather. The silver lining is the grandfather’s mansion was bequeathed to Mika which provides a place to get away from all this drama. Or does it?


Although the mansion should be empty, Mika discovers five young men inside. Who are they?! In little time at all it’s revealed that this handsome group are all brothers but also are far more than they seem. They are incubi – demon who siphon sexual energy from humans. It’s unclear as to how the heck they ended up in the mortal plane, much less in Mika’s new home, but she’s got to make the best of it now! As players engage with the storyline far more is revealed. We discover who these men really are, how they arrived here, and why everything seems to have something to do with the grandfather’s passing.

Despite the somber start there’s a ton of room for romance in Seduce Me. As per visual novel conventions, you’ll have many opportunities to make dialog and action choices and some of these lead to interactions with a hunky incubus. Unlike many indie visual novels though this one is fully voiced! If you do something which helps them favor you more, a little symbol will appear in the corner of the screen. Keep an eye on this (and maybe even take notes) to try and push toward netting the guy you want. It’ll probably take a few playthroughs, though. In my face my first ending was one without any of the men, funnily enough, but still quite a good ending nonetheless.


Each guy has his own temperament and personality, so you’ll certainly want to explore each path. Although a playthrough might only take one to three hours your first time, there’s a ton more to experience. In all there are some 22 endings! Besides, who wouldn’t want to see what incubi has to offer? Please note that there are optional implied sex scenes, as well as other adult content which may upset potential players. In all, it is wildly impressive that Seduce Me is a free game. Full voice acting (aside from the protagonist), many CGs, and tons of endings make it seem better than some visual novels which ask for money! Definitely check out Seduce Me if you’re a player looking for a new otome game to keep you company. Here’s a link to download the game for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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