Mighty No. 9 will launch on September 15. Even though the release date is still a few months off, that’s not stopping the tie-in bandwagon from jumping in early. Today, Legendary Digital Media, Contraduction Films, and Comcept revealed they’re working together to create a full length live-action film adaptation of Mighty No. 9.



Not only is this a huge surprise, it also seems a little strange to push the product so heavily before the general gaming audience knows whether they love it or not! In any case, the film will premier exclusively via digital platforms, much like Legendary Digital Media’s last game film Dead Rising: Watchtower.

Will Mighty No. 9 translate well to live-action? It remains to be seen! No timeframe has been given on the film’s development, but chances are it will not make it in time for the game’s launch. If so, then this is one heck of a film production team!

What are your opinions on the Mighty No. 9 movie? Does it seem like an awesome idea or one that doesn’t make sense? 

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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