God Hating Platypus Game Nature Hater Released Amidst Drama

Dean is a platypus. Dean hates being a platypus. Dean decides to take out his anger on being a platypus on other creatures that actually make sense in nature. Dean has finally gotten the chance to take it all out thanks to the mobile game Nature Hater finally getting released to the public at large. But, it wasn’t without its drama. The latest update for the action game where you chuck your eggs at other animals has come clean with what had happened behind the scenes.

Nature Hater

A year and a half ago Nature Hater got funded on Kickstarter, barely making its £2,500 goal, but they went to work on making the game. Unfortunately, it seems some of the bigger backers’ pledges fell through for whatever reason. It’s not unheard of to hear about a bank denying a purchase in a foreign currency, so that is one very likely reason for some of the money not making it into the developers’ hands. Of course, there could also have been a troll or two who decided to dispute the charge with their bank so they didn’t have to pay. Whatever the reason the thing is that the funds fell far shorter than expected.

Despite this major setback, the developers decided to continue work on the game even if it meant that they had to take odd jobs to help pay the bills. Which meant that the time that could have been spent pushing Nature Hater out of the gate sooner was spent on coding apps. Thankfully, the game finally got released onto the Google Play store and you can now play the game finally. Plus, it looks like a sequel is in the works. Now that’s dedication.

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Serena Nelson


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Serena Nelson
Serena Nelson