Last month, retail websites such as Amazon and GameStop spontaneously swapped the release date of Mighty No. 9 from September 15, 2015 to a 2016 placeholder date. As neither Comcept or Deep Silver were speaking on the matter, I assumed this to be a reveal that the physical versions were delayed. It would have been ridiculous if a game that Comcept regularly suggested was practically done got yet another delay, right?mightyno9amazonWell… Mighty No. 9 is officially delayed. The word arrived via the backer forums shortly before Keiji Inafune himself shared the news via Gamescom. You can read the content that backers got via this latest Kickstarter update. So, what stopped them in their tracks? Bugs. It seems there are still issues to work out with the online components of the game.

On one hand, it could be considered admirable that they are committed to releasing a finished, polished product. In the face of events such as the Batman Arkham Knight fiasco (among others), bugs are a serious thing. However, the timing of this announcement is tremendously disturbing. The Kickstarter for RED ASH ended on August 3. This news broke on August 4/5 depending on your region. Because of this timing, it 100% feels like Comcept chose to keep this news hidden until after their Kickstarter ended.


Why? Well, they certainly didn’t want the project to fail. Even though RED ASH was unsuccessfully funded, they probably still had some hope it might make it in the final day. Revealing officially that Mighty No. 9 was delayed during the campaign no doubt would have stopped many more backers in their tracks. Mighty No. 9 is now planned for Q1, which means it could launch anywhere between January and March 2016.

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