Developer Unicube announced the immediate availability of their game Sheltered on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview via the below tweet during Gamescom 2015 (the Xbox One announce came during Microsoft’s Conference at the show). They also discussed the release on their latest update via Kickstarter.


They’re looking to these early release platforms to provide valuable feedback as they continue development, as well as to increase community involvement with “guides, videos, GIFs and more banter”. To emphasize this point, the latest Sheltered update on Kickstarter revealing this news included video of a Youtuber playing through roughly the first 30 minutes of the game, which you can see here:

Sheltered appears to be progressing quite nicely and gives off the feel of a more lighthearted take on This War of Mine with a taste of Fallout Shelter mixed in for good measure. The developers suggest gamers “Stick around, we’re not finished yet.”

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