Well, it’s finally happened. Songbringer, which met and exceeded it’s initial $9,00 Kickstarter goal by more than $6,000, is headed for your console. Songbringer coming to Retro VGS is what the backers have been waiting for. Wait… what? You don’t know what the Retro VGS is!? Seriously!!? Me neither. As a retro enthusiast, I feel like I’ve missed the boat here.

In the Songbringer coming to Retro VGS post, on the game’s Kickstarter updates, the dev laments the loss of the bygone days, where you would blow into NES cartridges to get them to work. (Pro tip: blowing into cartridges is actually bad for them as the condensation in your mouth can damage the contacts.) The post continues to talk about how the games, “still work to this day” and are never made obsolete by newer versions or patches. I too miss these days, which is why I have all of my old systems and methods of playing them on newer screens close by.


I was wondering why I would need another multi-player system such as the Retron 5, Ouya or any number of Raspberry Pi configurations that can play old games for that matter. It seems a little weird to shoe-horn in support for new games in a retro system. Apparently that’s not what this is. The Retro VGS is a retro-themed console, based on Atari Jaguar Manufacturing, which plays new retro-styled games on a cartridge.

I’m not wholly sure that anything like this is even remotely necessary. I like they idea of a new game in a cartridge as a novelty — something that commemorates my support of a title, and looks cool on a shelf. But why would I buy a new “retro” system to play new “retro” games, which are available on a machine I already own. Call me a skeptic of this system. Still, Songbringer fits the aesthetic that the developers have in mind for this machine, and by bundling it in, or simply partnering with another company, they may expand their install base.

What do you think of Songbringer coming to Retro VGS? Were you even aware of this future system prior to this? Let us know in the comments.

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