All right, chummers! It’s time to get off your chromed ass and start ‘running. That’s right. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is now available to purchase and for all to enjoy playing. If you liked Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall then I’m certain you’ll enjoy playing this one. I know that I can’t wait to give it a spin around the block a few times. Anyway, you can buy it from Steam, GoG, and the Humble Store.The Shadowrun Universe is back, and this time it's heading to Hong Kong.


And if you’re a backer just head on over to your BackerKit page for it and pick up your key if you haven’t already done so. And any other digital goodies that have arrived in your account like the soundtracks. Keep on the lookout for the rest of your rewards in the near future. Also, Harebrained Schemes has released the launch trailer for Shadowrun: Hong Kong for you to watch should you be so inclined. You can watch it below.

Serena Nelson
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Serena Nelson


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Serena Nelson
Serena Nelson
  • Dawnyaaa

    Yeah, i was a huge backer on this one ^^
    I gave several keys to my friends.
    I was Santa for one day 😛

    • Hahah. I know how you feel. Just on Kickstarters alone I’m still playing catch up. Not to mention my huge backlog on Steam and GoG. :O