Highly-anticipated MMO “Throne War Simulator” Crowfall has opened the doors of pre-alpha testing to their backers. Server stress-testing and gameplay functionality has been the objective of the development team since they opened testing to their pre-alpha reward backers, and playing alongside their audience has been providing key data allowing them to document bugs and issues to be addressed. Though this alpha testing is only available to the backers with the respective reward tiers, a detailed list of what will be tested has been posted so those who aren’t eligible to participate can see what’s going on behind closed server doors. Gameplay elements such as the chat lobby, avatar customization, and environment prop functionality are just a few of the many on the list that the team is focusing on during the alpha test duration.



To accommodate the players, ArtCraft Entertainment is hosting the pre-alpha testing in The Hunger Dome, a PvP deathmatch arena forcing players into both cooperation and opposition. Starting with choosing one of three archetypes, players create their avatar before joining a match. The developers randomly assign players to three-person teams before launching them in a match that can host up to sixteen teams in one game. With each match, players will be reassigned to a different team, never playing alongside the same players twice. Coming in with no equipment and forced to look for weapons and armor, the first segment of the match will find players scrambling around the map looking for gear before breaking into the fight. Players are eliminated upon death, and the last team standing wins.


Beyond the alpha test, the team will move forward with the debugging knowledge they need to continue development on Crowfall, creating a world that will leave a lasting impression long after it’s gone. Be sure to check out our previous Crowfall coverage to learn more about the game.

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