Seduce Me was quite the refreshing otome visual novel when it launched thanks to a successful Kickstarter. Not only did it bring about a fun concept (romancing incubi!) but it’s also available for free via Steam without any additional DLC cost.


Michaela of Seraphim Entertainment has  shared a great tidbit of news for fans. They’ve been hard at work on Seduce Me 2: The Demon War, and all that work is culminating in producing a demo and preparing for a new Kickstarter. The demo will go live when the Kickstarter campaign does on October 31!

Finally, if you backed the original Seduce Me and are waiting on rewards, she revealed that work is still progressing there and MP3s and letters should go out soon. If you don’t want the reward anymore, you can swap your pledge bonus for something new (Seduce Me 2, otome CD, partial refund, etc).

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