12 Is Better Than 6, developed by Ink Stains Games, is considered a dynamic top-down shooter indie based game with stealth elements currently on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter. After having the chance to play this game, it has an incredible graphical style, which was drawn by hand alongside music compliments of individuals such as Ivan Rechetnev, John R1SE and Exaige whom combined western style melodies, Mexican notes and modern music into one. The tunes are really catchy and definitely put the gamer in the right feel and mood to play the game.

This story is set in 1873. After being wrongfully incarcerated, you, the player, tell your story as an escaped slave making your way from Mexico to Texas on a journey of revenge, but the kicker is you can only remember the past 5 years. On your journey, you encounter thieves and debtors with only 1 goal in mind; let no one stand in your way while searching for the answers you so desperately seek.12 is better than 6

The game features a challenging game style of timing and a long storyline for quite the experience. What makes shooting so difficult, right? Just aim and click? Nope, in 12 Is Better Than 6, the player must aim, cock the revolver, shoot and repeat. One slow cock of your weapon and it could mean disaster and trust me, starting over the levels are no joke, especially when you are already near the end; definitely a test of reflexes. With that being said, the bird’s eye view of the levels and game play is simply beautiful, as well as, challenging. As the player watches overhead, it really helps to determine which paths around the tricky levels one must take in order to destroy the bad guys and get to the final destination to move forward. If you think you can handle it, there’s also a harder route you can take by entering in stealthy mode. I attempted this and found out that I was no ninja.

Not the entirety of 12 Is Better Than 6 is about mass destruction and killing off the low life sheriffs. There are also side quests available to earn an extra dollar or two so you can save up that money and upgrade your weaponry. Some levels even offer dynamite and apparently rats that the player can throw at the enemies!


12 is Better Than 6 has just the right amount of action, difficulty and catchy music to keep you entertained, you won’t even noticed the several hundred times you may have to restart the levels and although the music seems to be a little louder than usual in a game, it’ll help drown out your frustration and screams as well. It’s definitely such a victorious feeling reaching that goal at the end. This game definitely did not let me down.

Ink Stains Games plans to release the full version of this game by March of 2016 and the overall finished game will have over 6 hours of game play with added content and new features.  Check it out on Kickstarter before the campaign ends on October 9th, and take a look at our previous coverage while you’re at it.

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