I’m usually willing to overlook most things about a project as long as it’s eventually released and all rewards are distributed to backers. However, there are a few things that I just can’t tolerate and unfortunately it looks like the post apocalyptic survival RPG Forsaken Fortress is one that has left a sour taste in my mouth. And I didn’t even back it.

Forsaken Fortress

According to the latest update, Forsaken Fortress has been released onto Steam’s “Early Access” platform. Normally that’s not a bad thing as it can really help a game get extra revenue before it ships as well as letting more people take a shot at giving feedback and reporting bugs. However, when it becomes a matter of waiting a week to let backers know that it’s live on Steam and still have yet to hand out keys to those owed one it does raise more than a few eyebrows.

In fact, the majority of comments in the update have bashed Photon Productions for this lack of communication. If they had told everyone about it either before or when it launched I doubt that there would be quite this much uproar. I know that if I were a backer I’d probably make a fuss about it. Because those who pledged to the Kickstarter were there from the beginning. It feels like a slap to the face with a spiked gauntlet when others have already had time to play it while waiting on a key promised years ago.

Forsaken Fortress

Now, I obviously can’t comment on why they waited so long before giving the backers the news, but the lack of communication does show. Whether intentional or not they should have gotten the word out as soon as possible. Especially when a good number gave a lot more than the current asking price. It’s never a good thing to piss off your early adopters. They’re usually the ones that will fight for you tooth and nail if you do right by them.

Another thing that I really find distasteful, whether intentional or not, is when a game has a price point lower than the lowest tier during a campaign. In the case of Forsaken Fortress the smallest amount that you could give to get a copy of the game was $15. Steam’s selling it for around $10 ($9 for the next couple of days). That’s a third less than those who gave their hard earned cash early on. I know that crowdfunding is supposed to be based on good faith and to support an idea that you believe in, but you’d expect to have the final release be at least as much as you gave when the game was barely an idea.

Forsaken Fortress

I understand that they had some financial issues about a year or so ago, and I’m most certainly happy to see that the game got released at all, but between the lack of communication and waiting so long to give keys out to backers…along with the reduced price point…the news surrounding the early release of Forsaken Fortress has left more than a few people angry and bitter. And, honestly, I don’t blame them.

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