BetaDwarf has just launched its second Kickstarter campaign, this time for the ‘roguelike deckbuilding action game’ known as FORCED: Eternal Arenas. Having previously used Kickstarter to successfully fund the first FORCED game (which we loved), the developer is requesting the community’s help to add the finishing touches to Eternal Arenas.

FORCED: Eternal Arenas fuses a variety of genres, but is essentially Diablo with the inclusion of cards. Putting together a powerful deck will give the player’s champion access to an equally powerful range of moves and abilities. Randomly generated enemy-filled arenas and tough-as-nails boss fights will demand a well-put-together deck in addition to on-the-fly combat skills if they are to be conquered.

Forced: Eternal ArenasWhether you’re accustomed to complex and chaotic RPGs like this one or new to the genre entirely, it’s easy to see from the campaign’s pitch video that BetaDwarf know what they’re doing, and already, they seem to have put together a quality product – the game just needs your help to live up to the developer’s vision. It’s well worth a watch if you’re at all interested in what I’ve described.

The developer hopes to raise $75,000 from the Kickstarter community to fully realise FORCED: Eternal Arenas, and with the better part of a month still to go, has already brought in more than $23,500 from 854 backers.

Forced: Eternal ArenasIf you’d like to learn more about how cards work in an action game, there’s plenty more information to be found on the game’s campaign page as well as its official website. For updates, you can follow BetaDwarf on Facebook, Twitter, and its official website. Stay tuned to Cliqist for future coverage.

Track the progress of the FORCED: Eternal Arenas in our Campaign Calendar.

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