Cubical Drift’s Planets³ is being renamed to Stellar Overload, a title just as poor, generic, and uninformative as the original. The voxel-based open world RPG has also just released a new alpha known as The Rokh Camp (I’m going to find the individual who named these things, and I’m going to beat him with a shoe).

In a news update posted to the game’s official website, Cubical Drift goes into the reasoning behind the change, citing a desire to convey the game’s story through its title, as well as trademark-based legal reasons. They also concede that the ³ pun wasn’t all that good to begin with. It’s a start, at least. Besides, Stellar Overload actually looks pretty interesting, nitpicking aside.

Stellar OverloadRecent work on the game has been focused on its crafting system, as well as introducing a host of new materials, weapons, tools, and an enemy known as the ‘Arluloids’ (don’t get me started). That UI is looking pretty nifty, too.

For more on the freshly rebranded Stellar Overload, you can check out the game’s official website.

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